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Divorce, Nullity, Marriage and Maintenance


What circumstances are essential for divorce to be granted?

All Charges to be Substantiated

  • BN Panduranga Shet vs. SN Vijaylaxmi
  • Nirmala Manohar Jagesha vs. Manohar Shivram Jagesha
  • Sudhir Singhal vs. Neeta Singhal
  • Sharda vs. Dharampal
  • Vinita Saxena vs. Pankaj Pandit
  • J. Sudhakar Shenoy vs. Vrinda Shenoy
  • Joykutty Mathew vs. Valsamma Kuruvilla
  • Alka Sharma vs. Abhinesh Chandra Sharma
  • George Joseph vs. Alphonsa alias Lovely Mathew and another
  • Ram Narain Gupta vs. Smt. Rameshwari Gupta
  • Mukesh Mathur vs. Smt. Veena Mathur
  • Mamata Mishra vs. Subhas Chandra Mishra
  • VC Thomas vs. An Thomas alias Kunjumol
  • Devi Sharma vs. Chander Mohan Sharma
  • Prithvi Pal Singh vs. Joginder Kaur
  • Smritikana Bag vs. Dilip Kumar Bag
  • Radhamony Amma vs. Gopinathan Pillai
  • Manisha vs. Pramod
  • Joginder Kaur vs. Surjit Singh
  • Rekha vs. Ravinder Kumar
  • Ajit Paul vs. Bessy Baby

Court Favours Weaker Party

  • Pramatha Kumar Maity vs. Ashima Maity
  • R.S. Shyamala and other Petitioners vs. G. Rajasekhar
  • Gopalakrishnan Nair vs Thembatty Ramani

Degree of Mental Illness

  • Ajitrai Shivprasad Mehta vs. Bai Vasumati
  • Bani Devi vs. A.K. Banerjee
  • Usha Gupta vs. Santosh Kumar Pahadiya
  • Krishna Bhat vs. Srimath
  • Smt. Pravati Mishra and Another vs. Jagadnanda Mishra and Another
  • Smt. Rita Roy vs. Sitesh Chandra Bhadra Roy
  • R. Lakshmi Narayan vs. Santhi

Difference between Mental Illness and Insanity to be Noted

  • Mohinder Kaur vs.S.S. Sabharwal

Spouse to be afflicted by Incurable Disease for Minimum Stipulated Period

  • Dr G G Padma Rao vs. Swarajya Lakshmi

What benefits can be awarded to the weaker party?

Permanent Alimony in Special Circumstances

  • Naresh Kumar Gupta vs. Smt. Jyoti

Guardianship Denied if Interests of the Ward not Protected

  • Raju Skariya vs. Sheela

Under what circumstances can a decree of nullity be granted?

Unsoundness of Mind concealed at the Time of Marriage

  • Smt. Kiran Bala Asthana and another vs. Bhaire Prasad Srivastava
  • R. Sankarnarayanan vs. Anandhavalli
  • C.J.Joy vs. Shilly
  • Sarah Syla vs. Ivan Thomas George and Others

What are some of the issues that come up in a case for nullity or divorce?

Medical Examination to Test Mental Condition

  • Joseph Augusthy vs. Mary Elizabeth Mathew

Voluntary consent of both parities required for valid marriage

  • Usha vs. Abraham

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