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CBSE Relaxation in Rules

The facilities extended by the Board to the disabled candidates (Dyslexic, Blind, Spastic and Candidate with Visual Impairment) are as under:
  1. The persons with disabilities (Dyslexic, Blind, Spastic and Candidate with Visual Impairment) have the option of studying one compulsory language as against two. The language opted by them should be in consonance with the overall spirit of the Three Language Formula prescribed by the Board. Besides one language they can offer any four of the following subjects: Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science, Another Language, Music, Painting, Home Science and Introductory Information Technology.
  2. From the 2002 Examination, alternate questions in lieu of questions requiring special skills based on visual inputs have been provided in Mathematics and Science for Sec. School Examination (Class X).
  3. Blind, Physically Handicapped and Dyslexic Students are permitted to use and amanuensis. The amanuensis must be a student of a class lower than the one for which the candidate is taking the examination.
  4. The visually handicapped students appearing from Delhi were provided Questions Papers with enlarged print for 2003 Examination;.
  5. Disabled candidates are allowed additional one hour (60 minutes ) for each paper of external examination.
  6. Board does not give relaxation in minimum marks prescribed by it.
  7. Exemption from Examination in the Third Language.
  8. The Board considers the Physiotherapic exercises as equivalent to Physical and Health Education course of the Board.
  9. Centre Superintendents have been instructed to make arrangements for the conduct of the examination of such candidates on the Ground Floor as far as possible.
  10. Physically challenged children will specifically indicate their category and also state whether they have been provided with a Writer in the columns provided in the Main Answer Book.
  11. Answer books of such candidates are evaluated by the Regional Officers at one Nodal Centre.
  12. The Centre Superintendents have been requested to send the Answer books of such candidates in the separate envelope to the Regional Officer concerned.
  13. Separate question papers in Science & Mathematics at Secondary ( Class X) level have been provided for blind students w.e.f. 2003 Examinations.
  14. Assistant Superintendents for the blinds are teachers from the schools where the blinds are studying. As far as possible, teachers of the same subject are not allowed to be appointed on the day of examination. One invigilator is from outside the school.
  15. Assistant Superintendents supervising the physically challenged children who have been granted 60 minutes extra time are paid remuneration @ Rs. 50/-+ Rs. 20/
  16. Amanuensis are paid @ Rs. 100/- per day/paper daily by the Centre Superintendent from the centre charges amount.


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